How Escorts are different from prostitutes


If you have ever wanted to hire the services of good looking man or women, who also have a good personality, one you can even introduce to people you meet at parties or maybe even to your boss as your date at a company cocktail party, then you might want to hire an escort for yourself. Now a lot of people might think, ‘how is there any difference between hiring an escort and hiring a prostitute?’, well we intend to discuss the differences and make it very clear for those reading how the services of a prostitute differ from those of an escort.

Starting with the workings of a prostitute, they are usually seen as being part of the, mostly illegal, sex industry of many huge and small cities around the world. Commonly found in either brothels, red light districts, or on street corners, prostitutes exchange sexual favors and activities in exchange for money from their clients and do not actually have any form of a relation with the client. The act of hiring a prostitute is usually not very personal and not necessarily very specific. Other than this, prostitutes are not hired for many other purposes and are not usually known to stay with or around their clients through an evening after the service is provided.

The situation is very different for escorts, usually a part of an adult escort agency or an adult escort service, escorts are offering their companionship and are therefore legal, even if sex is had during the interaction as the payment was for the companionship not for the sex. Escorts are also usually screened and tested to make sure they are clean with good hygiene and not a threat to the customers; often customers are also screened for this purpose. Now with the services of an escort you can take them to any major event or party as they usually have a very presentable personality and appearance so that they look like a simple date. You can even choose an escort based on their individual personality through available profiles for them to make sure that they match you and what you like.