Escorts vs Protitutes

While many people think that escorts and prostitutes are essentially the same thing, nothing could be further from the truth. The two professions are very different from each other and are as relatable to each other as an accountant is to a financial analyst; while money is a part of both their jobs it is not the same job that has the same work. Much like financial analysts and accountants, prostitutes and escorts do different things. A prostitute mostly works in and around indulging in sexual activities for their employers and does not really do much more than that. Prostitutes do not really go through any tests or screening before their work and generally earn much less than a professional escort. A clue to the way escorts are different from prostitutes lie in their name, they are called escorts as their main purpose and job is to escort their clients around when they have parties, shows, conferences, and formal dinners to attend to. Yes escorts can and do often indulge in selling sexual activities to the person who has hired them for the evening but that is not all they do and they have much more to offer than a prostitute.

Escorts, individual or through an adult escort agency, are often subjected to rigorous screening and personality tests to make sure that only the best of them are in fact chosen to be sent forward to the clients. The escorts have to pass hygiene and cleanliness tests to make sure that they do not have any sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted infections, and are generally in good health and have good personal hygiene. Escorts are also screened for their personality and their appearances. Many clients have a certain type or a certain personality that they like to hire and escorts are chosen by them or assigned to them through either selectable profiles or through client personality tests. Escorts are also put in categories based on what services they are willing to provide and which client fetishes they are willing to indulge in. For all these reasons the escorts are also pricier than simply hiring a prostitute.